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BLD Stim 3
BLD Stim3

Availability : In Stock / with in 7 days
Shiping : The Product will be shipped through EMS.
Warranty : 12 month from the date of supply
Payments: 100% in Advance through Paypal . For bulk Order Pleas contact us:
Price : $340.00

• Matrix LCD Display.
• Intensity Controls For Each Channel.
• Low Battery Indicator.
• Treatment Lock-Out.
• Compliance Monitor.
• Lock Key: Saves the selected treatment parameters and locks out any other input.
• 1 Year Standard Warranty

• 2/4 separate channels, 4/8 Electrodes.
• Waveforms: Sine Wave & Symm. Bi-Phasic Square Wave.
• Modes:
Interfential: IF LOW, IF HIGH, IF WIDE & IF FIXED.
TENS: Conventional, Burst and Modulation.
EMS: Conventional and Russian.
• Frequency:
Interfential (IFT) Carrier: 5000 Hz.
Sweep: 1-10 Hz. (Low), 80-150 Hz. (High), 1-250 Hz. (Wide), 10-200 Hz. (Fixed).
EMS/TENS : 1-150 Hz.
Russian : 2500 Hz. [(Carrier) / 50 Hz. (Beat)].
• Pulse Width:50-250 μS(TENS);200-450 μS (EMS).
• Ramp Up/Down: 1-10 Sec.
• Contraction / Relaxation Time: 1-30 Sec.
• Output Voltage: 50 V pp.
• Output Current:100mA peak to peak on 500 Ω load.
• Treatment Time: 1-60 Min.
• Power: 1.2x4 AA Battery / 5.5 V Adaptor.
• Electrical Type: TYPE BF

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